Repeat Prescription Phone Line

Just a message to let you know that the prescription phone line is now redundant. In order for the practice to accurately prescribe medication, a written record of requested medication is now required.  Medication can be ordered in the following


Community alarm service

The community alarm allows you to communicate with our control centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you need support or help. The community alarm service can support you if you have: an illness a physical frailty a disability frequent falls which adversely affects your ability to live independently in your own home You can also ask for one if you care for someone but are unable to provide support due to ill health or admission to hospital.

Angus Falls Service

Self Referral - if you have had a fall, or are concerned about falling, you can refer yourself to the Tayside Falls Service. The Falls Service Team will be able to give you information about what classes are on in your area and whether you are likely to benefit from attending the class.
01356 665170

Falls risk screening

If you’ve fallen, or are at risk of falling, your GP or other health or social care professional may offer you a ‘home and person’ falls risk screen to identify ways to reduce your risk of further falls, and help you to continue to carry out activities that are important to you. In some situations your GP might refer you directly to a falls clinic (or other hospital clinic) for a medical assessment. This would usually be because you’ve: had a blackout, experienced dizziness, or other symptoms.