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Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

Miss Debbie McFarlane

Ms Claire Johnstone

Ms Wendy Gordon

An ANP is a Registered Nurse with additional training for performing tasks – such as diagnosing and prescribing – which are customarily performed by a Physician. A Registered Nurse is educated to Masters Level in Advanced Practice, and assessed as competent in practice using expert knowledge and skills. They have freedom to act and make their own decisions in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of those in their care and are capable of independent practice in a variety of settings. Their role will be tailored not only by their training but their clinical experience as Senior Practitioners. In General Practice, ANPs can consult and work independently but will consult medical colleagues when they need advice.

Practice Nurses

Mrs Denise Harrison – RGN (1992). Joined the team 1997 

Mrs Shirley Thomson – RGN (1992), EN (1986). Asthma and COPD Diploma.  Joined the team 2002

Miss Lois Mitchell – RGN (2018), GPN (2020)- special interest in diabetes. Joined the team 2019 

Vacant post

General Practice nurses are in direct contact with the Scottish population, dealing with face-to-face consultations on many aspects of health care. 

The number of consultations for general practice nurses relative to GPs increased from 28% in 2003/04 to 33% in 2013, illustrating the continued shift of chronic disease management from GPs to nurses. The growth in chronic disease prevalence means that are focused general practice nursing role is needed to ensure more effective disease prevention and management, including self-management and anticipatory care. 

Nurses working in general practice play a pivotal role in integrated community nursing teams. Different models will exist and develop according to local population needs, but core areas of the role at Brechin include: 

• Focusing on public health, including primary and secondary prevention and addressing health inequalities; 

• Care and support planning, including anticipatory care; 

• Supporting management of long-term conditions; 

• Supporting people with complex conditions or who are frail as part of integrated  community teams; 

• Promoting mental health and wellbeing 

• Providing nursing care across the life cycle. 

Clinical skills carried out by our nursing team include phlebotomy, specific monitoring of conditions i.e., INR, spirometry etc, ECGs, BP, height, weight, simple and complex wound care, suture/clip removal and immunisations. 

Health and Wellbeing Nurse (Post currently vacant)

A Registered Mental Health Nurse is available from 09.00am – 4.30pm a Monday and Thursday to provide a short assessment and advice session for adults experiencing mental health issues/distress or substance/alcohol concerns that are affecting everyday life. Each session will last approximately 30 minutes and will promote self-help and self management, identify community support networks and refer to appropriate third sector/statutory services if appropriate. Please call Brechin Health Centre for an appointment 01356 624411

Healthcare Assistants (including Phlebotomy)

Working under indirect supervision of the practice nurses/ ANP’S and GP’s. 

Healthcare Assistants are non-registered Nursing staff who assist in patient care and Practice related duties, as directed by and under the supervision of a Registered Healthcare Professional (including Lead Practice Nurse, Practice Manager and GPs). Healthcare Assistants work collaboratively with the General Practice Team to meet the needs of patients, and provide essential task-orientated services like taking blood samples (phlebotomy), processing specimens, performing ECGs (to measure heart function) and spirometry (to measure lung function). They play a crucial role in supporting the Clinical Team.

Mrs Sheena Lubbe – Joined the team 2008, Phlebotomy 2017

Mrs Charlene Dickson – Joined the team August 2021